Monday, April 10, 2006

Now I know The Secret...

I posted a while ago about the hype surrounding a movie called "The Secret". Now The Secret is out and I saw it last night (you can see it on the internet at The Secret).

The movie is basically a slicing together of "teachers" talking about the Law of Attraction, for that is what The Secret is. That might sound tedious but it certainly managed to keep my attention for the duration. I was pretty engrossed in it from start to finish and my pen struggled to keep up with my desire to take notes.

Did I learn anything? It would be true to say that it was mostly nuances on a philosophy with which I am already very familiar. Anyone who has read The Master Key or Think and Grow Rich would not be surprised by anything in the movie. But it re-awaken my interest in the area of how we attract things into our lives.

For me the most challenging aspect of the film was the predominance of Esther Hicks. For those who are unfamiliar with Esther Hicks she claims to channel a group of spirits known collectively as "Abraham". For those of a similar mindset to my own you will already see why I'm "challenged" by that! Channeled by a group of spirits....hmmmmmm.

But having said that what she said seemed to make sense, even without the spiritual overtones. If you go around looking for something the odds are you will find it (my inelegant summary version of the law of attraction!).

Now the question is whether the law of attraction works. In my case the jury is still out. In the movie Jack Canfield speaks persuasively about the law and how it worked in his own life. I'm going to play with the idea of testing it, as Mr Canfield did, and see how it works out.

So go and see the movie people...