Monday, January 16, 2006

"The Game" - not just for pick up artists...

The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pick-up Artistsby Neil Strauss got quite a lot of publicity in the UK a few months ago and not all of it good.

Neil Strauss, an ex Rolling Stone journalist has written about his experiences of the seduction community. For the uninitiated there is a whole world of professional pick-up artists out there who spend their time honing their techniques on unsuspecting HBs (that's "hot babes" to you and me).

The book is an expose of these guys and their techniques.

I am aware that the book would turn off a lot of people due to its subject matter but I've read it and I loved it!

And I loved it because it's not just about how to pick-up women. If you read it as a guide to how to sell yourself and your services it's a great primer.

I may write more about it at another time but for now I will share with you just a few concepts that can be applied to your life and to your career/business.

One of the big techniques is to Demonstrate Value. You need to show your prospect that it's worth their while talking to you. How many of us do that deliberately with prospective clients or customers? Shouldn't we?

"Style" (Strauss's alter ego) uses the following routine:

1. open
2. Demonstrate higher value
3. Build rapport/emotional connection
4. Physical connection

Ok so maybe we should leave out the physical connection but other than that what a good framework for first conversations with prospective clients!

There are other little nuggets such as "See life obstacles as levels in a video game to get through".

So my advice is - get the book and see how it can be applied to the rest of your life (assuming you don't want to pick people up of course).

Rating : 8/10

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