Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Success Principles - Revisited

Since I last posted on this book I have been through it quite a few times (dipping in and out).

My overall impression is pretty much the same as it was initially. This is a very good collection of ideas, techniques and exercises. Most of the material I have seen before in various guises so nothing earth shattering in itself but the sort of book that I would keep on my shelf and take down to get ideas about how to handle situations or when I wanted to set goals, visions etc.

It's not a book that has set my heart on fire but a very good collection of stuff and probably an excellent introduction to these ideas for those who, sensibly (!), haven't read the amount of self-help material that I have.

Rating : 8/10


Matthew Cornell said...

I had much the same reaction - a nice mixture of good ideas, in a volume that's useful as a reference. Unlike David Allen or Covey, the book doesn't seem to present a framework that ties it all together. Still, it came into the category of "too long to read in one sitting, worth buying."

Keep sharing the books! I'm an avid self-help reader as well.

Matthew Cornell said...

This is exactly as I view it - a nice collection of ideas, but no Big Thought connecting everything together. Good enough to pass the "Amazon test," though.