Monday, January 09, 2006

Million Dollar Student

This morning I read about a student who will make over $1 million from his website. The story of how he came to create the website is a great reminder of how a simple creative thought can lead to success.

Alex Tew used nothing more than a pad and some creative thinking to come up with an idea (in 20 minutes) which has netted him a seriously large amount of money. He's now got more than enough to pay off his student debt, tuition fees and a large tab at the student union bar!

Alex's weblog also gives a fascinating insight into how the whole thing came together.

I'm not suggesting that we can all come up with such a lucrative idea but it reminds us of what is possible for our lives. I'm sure that there are plenty of ideas still unexplored for all of us.

For myself the lesson that I draw from this story is that I can often see success as a complicated path. For Alex Tew it clearly wasn't complicated and maybe it needn't be for the rest of us either.

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