Thursday, January 05, 2006

Steve Pavlina is a wonderful guinea pig...

Ok so now I've got your attention I'll explain what I mean.

I am an avid reader of Steve Pavlina's blog and his articles generally . It's a great site for personal development with some amazing free articles and blog entries.

And the thing that impresses me most about Steve is that he is prepared to try stuff. He's been trying polyphasic sleep recently and he provides a fascinating series of entries on his experiences.

Now I'm not going to be trying polyphasic sleep at the moment given the demands of my day job (lawyer) but reading about it from Steve has inspired me to consider what I CAN experiment with in my life.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Steve is prepared to be a guinea pig and experiment with stuff that might or might not work and that's one of the reasons why I go back to his blog - I want to see how things turn out and whether I can learn anything from his experiential approach.

It's a nice contrast to the usual self-help approach which is basically "here are some rules/principles which work and which you should apply to your life".

We need more people like Steve who are prepared to just try things out and then report back from the front.

So I say good on your Steve and keep up the good work.

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